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EVALUACIÓN INICIAL: Proyecto Integrado 14-15


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1# What would you like to study after finishing these two courses of Baccalaureate?

2# What  would you like to be ?

3#Translate the sentence that illustrates the picture.

4#Check carefully the following questions and answers.  They have important grammar mistakes that you will have to find:

o   Answer the followings questions:
o   What are the name of the dog:  Laika or Troika? The neim is Laika.
o   Where did she came from?  She came from Rusia. She were an abandoned. She was the first doj that went to the space.
o    Does you believe Yuri Gagarin feel as a dog? No he don’t.  In fact he sayd so because he wanted to pay tribute to her.

5#Listen to the following audio. Then try to fill the gaps with the exact word:

“I  believe you and __________ are going to start a very interesting project, ­­­_______ Laika did. A project that is full of emotions, expectations and, why not, __________ . You don’t need to be afraid of anything.
The world is for _________ and courage people. And I am sure you are _______ of them.  Be patient and take it _________ because at the end you will find that, of course, ______    _________   ________.”

6#Introduce yourself. Write down your name and age. Tell me what you studied the last course and where. Tell me what you would like to do once you finish your studies at La Rosaleda.

7# The reason why I chose a picture of Y. Gararing and Laika:

First of all, I must confess I have been trying to put it on a paper in many occasions. The first time I heard of Laika I imagined a brave, intelligent and quiet dog flying in the space. I didn’t think of the tests, checks and exams that she did have to pass through. I never wondered if she suffered, felt pain, sorrow or loneliness. How could I ever imagine that? Never ever. Nevertheless, let me tell you the sad story that has been hidden and that has been treated as a top secret for many years.

You know? Her first name was Kudryavka (rizadita); then she was named Zhuchka (bichito), then Limonchik (limoncito) and finally Laika (ladradora).  Laika was chosen between more than one hundred street dogs. It had to be a 6 kilogram dog and it couldn’t be higher than 40 cm. 
The dog had to pass tests about gravity, vibrations, noises and small places. She had to stay in an 80 cm airplane with a small fan for her. It was planned she had to be in the air for 7 days.

During the fly, Laika would wear a special dress and would have special jelly food. The dress could control the dog’s vital signs. However the reality was going to be another. The food for the seventh day was already poisoned because she wasn’t going to be able to survive to the high temperatures at the time to pass the atmosphere.

On November 3rd 1957 at 22:28 (Moscow local time), the Sputnik-2 was launched to the space. It was the first time an animal was in the space; but things didn’t occur as it was expected. After launching the rocket, Control could hear laika barking. They saw that her heart bits were absolutely high (three times higher than normal). After 5 hours, she would die.
The temperature of the cabin went very, very high due to an error in one of the motors that could not be removed. Laika had a terrible death, alone, in a very little space and within a terrible hot.

I believe we ought to act as Gagarin did. We are people who always have a project and dreams in our minds and we aren’t usually alone. We are surrounded by many other people that give us help and support.

 We will always find others in our lives that will show us different ways to go through or will offer their shoulder to put our heads on.  


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