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Norfolk Police
Celebrating Halloween
TRICK OR TREAT/TRUCO O TRATO (una broma o un regalo)


To release: lanzar .                                          Distressing: angustiante.
To run a campaign: lanzar una campaña..          Scary: que da miedo, aterrador.
Peak time: momento álgido.                            Awful: horrible, terrible
Neighbourhood: vecindario.                            Safe and enjoyable: seguro y divertido.
Within the law: dentro de la ley.                     to ensure: asegurar.
Treater: los participantes en Halloween.          To urge: animar, promover.
Disturbing: perturbador.                                 Available: disponible
Annoying: molesto, irritante.                          To display: colocar

Let me show you this interesting information the Police have released about Halloween. Norfolk Police are running a hard campaign to keep security tight when celebrating Halloween by people in the county.  Every year during this peak time, many different accidents and awful events have taken place. Therefore the police have given people some advice so everyone can have a nice day. Now you can have a look at the police report:

13 October 2014

People celebrating Halloween across Norfolk this year must keep their tricks within the law and show respect to residents. The police increase patrols across the county.
Police officers will be working to make sure that celebrations are safe and enjoyable for everyone as this is one of the busiest periods in the policing calendar.
Inspector Paul Garrard explained that... “People must be respectful with others”. We want everyone to have a happy Halloween and understand that this celebration brings ‘trick or treaters’ out into our community. There are people who don’t want to celebrate and participate in this event and the community must show respect for them.
Halloween can be disturbing and annoying. Many people find this a distressing time and find people knocking on their door after dark a scary experience. We would ask everyone to respect the wishes of those who choose not to celebrate this occasion.
"The same applies for Bonfire Night – we urge everyone to have fun, stay safe and respect residents in their neighbourhood.”
Norfolk Police received around 55 calls related to Halloween in 2013. In 2009 there were 98 calls, 82 in 2010 and 2011, and 70 in 2012.
People have to take a responsible attitude to Halloween and Bonfire night.
This time of year is an opportunity for families to get together to enjoy the many events which are being held across the county.
The Fire and Rescue Service has once again been working closely with other partner agencies to ensure members of the public are informed of how to be safe.
If you are organising your own bonfire night event, or if you are taking part in trick or treating, I would urge you to be considerate of others as not everyone celebrates this time of year."

Norfolk Community Safety Partnership offers the following safety advices/tips to young people who intend to go trick or treating:
·                       Never go trick or treating alone or split up from your friends.
·                       Always check with your parents or carer first.
·                       Only go to houses where you or your friends know who lives there.
·                       Don’t go into any house - stay on the doorstep.
·                       Don’t talk to strangers on the street.
·                       Stay in well-lit areas and carry a torch.
·                       Take care when crossing roads - it may be hard to see so well in a costume.
·                       Although Halloween is about looking spooky, be careful not to frighten the elderly.
·                       Eggs & flour make a mess & most shops won’t sell them to people under 16s over Halloween.


EXERCISE 1# True or False? You must write T or F at the end of the phrase to say whether it is correct or not. If it is not correct, we will discuss why.

1.      In Norfolk, people do not need to obey the law during Halloween.
2.      Everyone is delighted to take part in Halloween.
3.      There are some people who find Halloween a distressing and disturbing time.
4.      However, on Bonfire Night it is different…you do not need to respect residents in the neighbourhood.
5.      It is not just the police who are working to ensure a safe celebration.

EXERCISE 2# Translate from English into Spanish:

1.       Tips: helpful information
2.       Split up: to separate out into parts; divide
3.       Check: to examine or test the correctness of, such as by comparison
4.       Stranger: any person whom one does not know
5.       Torch: a light, made of a stick of wood or some other substance, lighted at the upper end.
6.       To carry: to take or bear (something) from one place to another
7.       Costume: style of dress typical of a particular nation, group, or historical period.
8.       To make a mess: a dirty or disorderly state.

EXERCISE 3 # what kind of advice does the police give about having a safe Halloween? Class discussion.

EXERCISE 4# what other advice could you give to people who are celebrating Halloween?

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